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To develop the sense of National Integration among youth has become the most important need of the country, as the youth have been misled by sectarian forces, fundamentalists & they have been misguided to involve in antisocial, anti-national activists and angering the unity & integrity of country. So many Youth camps have organized by YOUNG INDIA in national integration weeks. The rural youth were invited to participate in this camps & the respond is highly encouraging. Some eminent speakers were also invited to highlight the role for youth for nation building & national integration. Functionaries of Young India have also attended other so many programs organized by different organizations to encourage & help them. Human Resources Development means to identify the potential, empower people & stimulate Knowledge, Attitude & Practices of self & society. To initiate action, motivation plays an important role. Process of motivation has many dynamics but the training/orientation has its own strength, which contributes to larger extent for motivation & action in an empowerment process.  Besides this, the Resources Team members have been providing support service to other NGOs & GOVT. institutions. The team members are organizing Youth club developmental programs (YCDP) of Nehru Yuba Kendra, Youth leadership training programs of State Youth Welfare Board-Orissa. The team members have been participating as Resource Person in trainings of different Local, National Agencies.
The participation of these trained Youth in community development & human resource mobilization has brought a change among other youth mass & helped them in transforming the society. Self-reliance has also developed among them by reducing dependency.
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